Crown of thorns, Titian Vecellio

Description of the picture:

Crowning with a crown of thorns – Titian Vecellio. Around 1542. Oil on wood. 303×180

   One of the scenes of the passions of Christ Titian (1488 / 1490-1576), the greatest master of the era of the Highest Renaissance, depicted against the backdrop of an arch under the marble bust of the ruler of Tiberius. The crowning of the crown of thorns as a symbol of the fact that Jesus called himself the King of the Jews occurs as if in the mute presence of the last Roman ruler, during the reign of which this event happened. The marble double of the revered master is like an impotent idol, and the One who can heal human souls is humiliated, insulted, and condemned to death. Frightened and blinded by hatred, the warriors pounced on Him, as if ferocious animals, and laid a crown of thorns with sticks. The face of Christ is distorted by suffering."