Portrait of King Francis I of France – Jean Clouet

Description of the picture:

Portrait of King Francis I of France – Jean Clouet. Around 1525. Oil on wood. 96×74   Jean Clouet (about one thousand four hundred eighty 5 – about 1540) was a court painter of King Francis I. His work was at the forefront of French portraiture.   In the portrait french overlord depicted in the rich vestments of the Renaissance: a chic hat crowned with pearls, satin clothing, generously embroidered with gold. On the drapery, which serves as the background for the portrait, images of the crown flaunt, indicating that royal blood flows in the veins of the depicted. Before us is a stylish man and a brilliant sir, universally recognized as one of the most majestic and wisest monarchs of France. The outdoor surroundings do not distract the viewer from the model and his deepest, most sensitive gaze. Francis was beautiful, tall, ambitious, chivalrously amiable and courageous to recklessness."