Madonna and Child surrounded by angels, Filippo Lippi, 1437

Description of the picture:

Madonna and Child surrounded by angels, with saints Frediano and Augustine – Filippo Lippi. (Altar of Barbadori) 1437. Wood, tempera. 208×244   Filippo Lippi (1406-1469), a painter of the Early Renaissance era, received a monastic education, took a monastic vow and created religious compositions.   This is an altar image commissioned by the painter for the chapel dedicated to Saint Frediano, in the church of Santo Spirito in Florence. The painter is a real singer of the beautiful. In the image Madonnas with Toddler and Angels He makes heavenly charming images, striking sublime beauty. Angels are amazing in their immediacy: they carefully look around, one of them looks at the Madonna, who, holding the divine Kid in her arms and lowering her eyes, approaches two kneeling saints – Frediano and Augustine.   Up to one thousand eight hundred and ten altars remained in the church. In the process of the Napoleonic conquests, he was expelled to France and was not returned to his homeland. In one thousand eight hundred and fourteen, work got into the Louvre."