“Winter”, Konstantin Korovin – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

In winter – Konstantin Korovin. 1894. Oil on canvas. 37.2 x 52.5 cm

   Konstantin Korovin is one of the founders of Russian impressionism. He was always amazed at how accurately the painters convey the fleeting moments of the existence of nature, animals and man. Falling in love with this style while traveling to Paris, he brought a lot of new, Russian, original, his own into it. Enthusiastic about Claude Monet, was a catchy follower of I.I. Levitan and M.V. Nesterova. And his beloved student A.K. Savrasova. A landscape painter is used to painting from nature, because his works are distinguished by the breathtaking accuracy of the color palette, sensual saturation, strong energy and natural composition.

   A creator with a complex fate and disposition, which was deeply expressed in his works, especially later ones. The master had to spend a significant part of his life far from his homeland. He could hardly endure separation, yearning for friends, forests, fields, a grayish autumn sky and catchy leaves. But most of all in the Russian winter.

   The painting “Winter” was created in one thousand eight hundred and ninety-four years. The view of the Central Russian winter is conveyed wholeheartedly and lyrically. This work recalls the painting style of the beloved teacher of the creator – Savrasov. Even in the textbook landscape of the teacher, “The Rooks Have Arrived” you can see a similar play of light and shadow, highlighting the nature of early spring.

   The intimate composition of winter is friendly, where everything is concentrated on the frontal plane, closed from the rest of the place to the right with a hut, and to the left with a hedge.

   On the canvas we see a log rural house, warped from time to time. The image is framed by a fence on which some garments hang. This makes a feeling of closeness, intimacy of what is happening. The contemplator seems to be becoming part of the plot.

   The central part of the canvas is a dark horse with a trolley. This object is highlighted not only by its location, but also by color. The color palette of the canvas is silver-gray. And this is the blackest and most intense accent of work.

   This is not a black horse of the highest breed, but an ordinary village horse, sluggish from hard work. The animal stands thoughtfully bowing its head and obediently waits for the owner. And the sleigh is ready for the trip: a soft seat and a warm homespun cover are prepared for the driver.

   The gate is open. Either the owner is about to leave, or some guest drove in for a short time. Three stand-alone, snow-white birches complement the Russian originality of the landscape.

   The snow cover is depicted in a different technique. Small pasty strokes help convey the relief and stickiness of the snow.

The painting was painted with an affectionate and devoted love for the native land, nature and the Russian soul."