Still life with a dog and bat game in a rose bush, Francois Deport

Description of the picture:

Still life with a dog and bat game in a pink bush – Francois Deport. 1724. Oil on canvas. 107×138   Francois Deport (1661-1743) began as a portrait painter, but was appointed Louis XIV painter of the royal hunt. So he began to do appropriate works on the topic: genre works with scenes of hunting and still lifes with game. The artist was allowed to go hunting together with Louis, which gave him the opportunity to personally observe the royal amusements and sketch their more colorful moments.   “Still Life with Broken Game at the Rose Bush” can be regarded as a household picture, depicting a hunting dog, enthusiastically considering the trophies obtained. The deport was a beautiful animal painter, he managed to convey the temper and habits of animals, it is no coincidence that the painter painted “portraits” of the king’s beloved dogs."