“Bouquet of flowers. Phlox “, Kramskoy – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

“Bouquet of flowers. Phlox “- Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy. 1884. Oil on canvas, sixty-four x 50 6 cm

   Picture “Bouquet. Phloxes, ”written by Ivan Kramsky three years before his own death, is striking in its genre choice and coloristic performance. The painter, whose name went down in the history of painting thanks to portraits, genre scenes and philosophical works on a religious theme, suddenly writes a wonderful floral still life.

   The viewer sees beautiful colorful phloxes that delight with freshness and a variety of colors. Especially catchy, the image of greenery is very catchy, in some places even sharp, green involuntarily sends us to the impressionists, although Kramskoy cannot be ranked among them. All festive beauty is shaded by a blue low vase, on the glass of which glare of light is so filigree displayed.

   Although this work is not acceptable for the painter, some features of the style can still be found here – neglect of the background in the name of the head. Almost the same as in the portraits of Kramskoy. The painter renounces the background, as if from an unnecessary detail of the picture, making it brown with slightly visible overflows, and then these overflows seem to appear as a reflection of a wonderful bouquet.

   In the year of writing the work of the creator’s family, a majestic catastrophe understood – the death of Mark’s little child. You can feel all the sorrow of the family by looking at the work “Inconsolable grief”, and maybe the colorful, cheerful, phloxes that Kramskoy worked on were a way to distract from sad thoughts. The more valuable this work …"