“Still Life with Partridges and Utensils”, Luis Melendez

Description of the picture:

Still life with partridges and dishes – Louis Melendez. The last third part of the XVIII century. Canvas, oil. 62, x41.6

   Melendez is faithful to his standards and works in the best traditions of the genre. The composition “Still life with partridges and utensils” was built very professionally, the coloristic solution of the canvas is very harmonious. A large, but with all this detailed painting takes almost the entire place of the canvas. Abandoned in the middle of game and vegetables, fringed with saturated blue plates become an object that escorts the viewer to the perspective of the plot. It is as if he knows about the house, with its customs and habits, the landlady will prepare partridges and, perhaps, set the table with these very plates …"