Still Life with Game, Vegetables and Lemons, Sanchez Juan Cotan, 1602

Description of the picture:

Still life with game, vegetables and lemons – Sanchez Juan Cotan. 1602. Oil on canvas. 68×88,2   Cotan (1560 / 1561-1627), a master of still life, introduced a special Spanish type of this genre, Bode Gon, into the 17th-century European painting, meaning “tavern, edible shop”. He depicted the figures of merchants, cooks, breakfast characters, who later received the forthcoming embodiment in the work of other Spanish painters.   Still life with game, vegetables and lemons – one of the first Spanish works written first in the 17th century in the genre of actually still life, and the few paintings that have survived to our time. Thanks to the contrasting light used in the best traditions of caravagism, objects isolated from each other and suspended on thin ropes seem to be pushed out of a colorful place with a black background.   In the ascetic visual system, the principle of simple parallelism is mixed with detailed thoughtfulness of the composition, a clear sense of plastic form, a separate object, on the one hand, is prosaic, and on the other, it is not out of habit monumental. Sanchez Cotan’s still lifes create a memory of an artistic hyperbole made."