Portrait of Madame de Sorkenville, Jean-Baptiste Perrono, 1749

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Madame de Sorkenville – Jean-Baptiste Perrono. 1749. Oil on canvas. 101×81   “Portrait of Madame de Sorkenville” is one of the most recognizable in the work of the French portrait painter Jean-Baptiste Perrono (1715-1783).   This ceremonial portrait of a woman conveys not only social status, material well-being and the external beauty of a secular lady, but also the psychological characteristics of her temper. She is very smart and generous to be a coquette, she is ordinary and natural in manners, her natural grace and attractiveness attract the viewer’s eyes. Perrono amazingly conveys the beauty of different materials: the radiance of silk, the transparency of delicate patterns, the elegant softness of velvet."