Portrait of Eugenia Martinez Vallejo (la Monster), Juan Carreño de Miranda

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Eugenia Martinez Vallejo (la Monster) – Juan Carreño de Miranda. Around 1680. Oil on canvas. 165×107   The painter studied at the work of Velazquez, copied them, also experienced the effects of Titian, Rubens and Van Dyck, from whom he adopted the volume of forms, the ease of drawing, the brightness of colors, golden lighting. Thanks to his own origin, the master was well aware of the backstage structure and psychology of the royal court. With one thousand, 600, sixty-nine, he was a court painter; with one thousand, 600, 70, he was a personal artist of the king.   On the topic, this painting, commissioned by the painter Charles II himself, recalls the work from the series “Dwarfs” by Diego Velazquez. Obese due to illness, the girl was captured by the artist in a lace dress. There is an image of Eugene in the form of Bacchus – without clothes, with a wreath planted on his head. The baby, nicknamed the monster, was shown at fairs."