Portrait of a Young Girl (Magdalena Luther), Lucas Cranach the Elder

Description of the picture:

Portrait of a young girl (Magdalena Luther (?)) – Lucas Cranach the Elder. The first third part of the XVI century. Wood, oil. 41.1×26

   This portrait of Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553) is allegedly depicted Magdalena, The second daughter of the famous reformer Martin Luther, with whom he was friends. Under the influence of his thoughts, Cranach became a “painter of the Reformation”, reflecting in his own works the concept of Luther and illustrating his works.

   “Portrait of a Young Girl” is the pinnacle of portraiture mastery of the artist. The image of Magdalena very realistic, her childishly slightly swollen lips and shiny sad eyes reflect naivety and light sadness. Loose blond hair, streaming in waves over black clothes, emphasizes the softness and femininity of the heroine."