Helmingham Hollow – John Constable

Description of the picture:

Helmingham Hollow – John Constable. The first third part of the XIX century. Canvas, oil. 103×129

   This is a landscape painting John constable (1776-1837) – a beautiful example of painting of British romanticism, of which the painter is a representative. It wakes a swarm of feelings and memoirs in the soul of the viewer, makes you think about the endless values ​​and transience of life. But in the work of Constable there is no drama, a sense of hopelessness and doom of human life. The dusk lurking in the shadow of the old trees of the hollow is ready to scatter: through the branches and trunks you can see gaps of the blue sky with rushing clouds. From the shore, a tree bridge has been thrown over which facilitates the journey for travelers. Water sparkles with sun glare.

   Unlike contemporaries who painted fictional landscapes, Constable paid much attention to observing nature and writing sketches. He studied natural lighting and various atmospheric conditions, anticipating the later searches of painters. His art found awareness on the other side of the English Channel, while in his homeland it remained virtually unnecessary."