Madonna of Chancellor Nicolas Rolen, Jan van Eyck, 1435

Description of the picture:

Madonna of Chancellor Nicolas Rolen – Jan van Eyck. 1435. Oil on wood. 66×62

   Its title picture “Madonna of Chancellor Nicolas Rolen”, made by one of the founders of the Northern Renaissance, Flemish artist Jan van Eyck (1385 / 1390-1441), owed to the customer – Burgundian Chancellor Nicholas Rolen. The Chancellor is the current hero of the composition: he sits opposite the Virgin Mary, and the Kid blesses him. The architectural environment is perfectly written, through the light arched gaps of which a wonderful view of a small kindergarten, symbolizing the integrity of the Virgin Mary, is revealed. The place scuttles into the distance. The landscape gives an additional characteristic to the images: residential buildings are shown behind Rolen, and churches are shown behind Virgin Mary."