“Country Concert”, Giorgione – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Country Concert – Giorgione. 1508-1510. Canvas, oil. 100 10 x 100 30 eight cm

   Pastoral paintings were successful by the Byzantine artist of the Highest Renaissance Giorgione most of all, mainly because of the filigree execution of the landscape. The background nature of the master seems "lives" own life on the canvas, but immediately echoes the main characters of the plot, enhancing the dominant mood.

   Picture "Country Concert" It was written between one thousand 500 eight and one thousand 500 for 10 years, but to establish the authorship of the work for certain is not likely. A century ago, scientists have definitely ranked "Concert" Giorgione, but modern scholars express other ideas: either this is a picture of Titian, or the cooperative work of Giorgione and Titian. On the one hand, Titian, being a pupil of Giorgione, was still quite young in those years to make such a finished work, and on the other hand, Giorgione in most cases painted small figures of people drowning in an unlimited landscape, and here we see a different picture – heroes discharged large and on the frontal plane. Or maybe the canvas started Giorgione, but Titian had to finish it, due to the untimely death of the artist from the plague?

   In the picture, we see 2 young people. Some of them are playing the lute. A slow conversation is going on right away. Naked girls sit next to the young men, but, a strange thing, young people do not pay attention to beautiful ladies at all. Hence the worldview was born that these heroines are representatives of some other world. Maybe nymphs. Because musicians simply do not see them – Giorgione opened them only to the viewer. Although it is possible that before us are courtesans who relax in nature.

   At first, the picture was characterized by a harmonious combination of cool and warm color, but over time, the varnish (the painting is more than 500 years old), which covered the surface of the work, darkened, giving all the colors a darker, golden color. But this did not affect the temper and poetic perception of the canvas.

   Nature in the background breathes calm and serenity. The soft outlines of the crowns of trees, the summer sky with slowly moving clouds, a tiny house near the horizon, on the right a shepherd with goats – peace reigns everywhere. This slow rhythm was reflected in the heroes. Their poses are distinguished by smooth outlines, movements are measured, the colors of clothes are muffled. Beauty and emotionality are the main feelings from watching a picture, which is sometimes referred to as "Open air concert"."