“Behind the toilet. Self-portrait », Zinaida Evgenievna Serebryakova – description

Description of the picture:

For the toilet. Self-portrait – Zinaida Evgenievna Serebryakova. Oil on canvas. 70 5 x sixty 5 cm

The beautiful and bright self-portrait “Behind the toilet” was written by artist Z.E. Serebryakova! It is made in the style of realism.

Zinaida Evgenievna portrayed herself on the canvas professionally and brilliantly! The portrait exudes purity and freshness of female harmony. The artist lovingly painted herself in front of the mirror behind the morning toilet. A beautiful, young lady, clutching with one hand a mop of thick, longish tan hair combed them with a comb. She sees her reflection in the mirror and admires it. How magnificent youth and beauty! Every moment of life is inimitable!

In front of her is a bedside table with feminine attributes: a box with jewelry, a box for powder and blush, napkins, brooches, hairpins, beads, a perfume bottle. Along the edges are longish wax candles.

Serebryakova lived in the winter in her husband’s house, in the native village of Neskuchny. The husband went on business on a business trip, and Zinaida was waiting for him at home with the children. It was early winter. The room was warm and comfortable. Kids played in the nursery. The artist went to the mirror and thought, waiting for the arrival of her husband. Suddenly she wanted to draw herself. She smiled at her own mirror image and picked up brushes … The picture is illuminated by the unusual light of the female soul as a young artist! She is beautiful, harmonious and poetic!

Zinaida Evgenievna used a catchy, saturated spectrum of colors in her work. The snow-white color in the composition occupies a special place. The canvas came out wonderful!

In one thousand nine hundred and ten years, it was located at the exhibition “Union of Russian Artists” in St. Petersburg. The picture amazed both spectators and close people Z.E. Serebryakova. In later years, her works of art were exhibited in the Moscow Tretyakov Gallery and at individual exhibitions of the artist in Moscow, Kiev and Leningrad. In two thousand and seventeen, a retrospective exhibition of her paintings in the engineering building of the Tretyakov Gallery was held with great success.

Artwork bestows kindness, contentment, optimism, charm, earthly love. It streams a stream of sunlight, illuminating the universe. The picture heals from excitement, depression, charges with positive energy. The composition has a suitable effect on vision. It is nice to look at her and admire the female beauty."