“Spring”, Giuseppe Arcimboldo – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Spring – Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

   The painter more than once turned to the theme of allegories of the seasons, because there are several versions of images made in the same key and style. They all have a pronounced similarity: the character is completely composed of a huge number of types of flowers, buds and leaves – from clothes, hairstyles and jewelry, to actually the face.

   Spring Hair is a flower, neatly picked up and laid in a lush, but fully recognizable, era-appropriate hairstyle. The royal snow-white lily completes it – a sign of purity and purity.

   The face of Spring is made up of small snow-white and pale pink plants, and the blush on the cheeks is formed by lush, pretty roses. The character’s mouth is colorful petals, the nose is a large unopened bud of colored lily, the ear is an exotic camellia burning with a red flame. Even the earrings are depicted with a beautiful inverted fuchsia flower.

   Dressed Spring in fashion ever since. The sleek collar is “assembled” from small snow-white flowers, and the outfit consists of a huge number of different leaves, berries of wild strawberries and gorgeous flowers of irises. A picture was painted on a saturated black background, so the flowers seem to shine, and the colors shimmer. The image is framed by a luxurious flower garland.

& quot; Spring & quot ;, one thousand five hundred sixty three years"Spring"one thousand 500 sixty three years"