Mary Magdalene. Part of the Marriage Family Triptych, Rogier van der Weyden

Description of the picture:

Mary Magdalene. Part of the Marriage Family Triptych – Rogier van der Weyden. The second third part of the XV century. Wood, oil. 41×34   Flemish painter Rogier van der Weyden (1399 / 1400-1464) wrote “Triptych of the Marriage Family” after a trip to Italy.   On the right wing Maria Magdalene portrayed as a completely earthly young lady in beautiful vestments and a dressed headdress, her appearance corresponds to the northern type of beauty. Excellent written with little in common with the landscapes of Palestine landscape, against which it is represented. Beautifully written mountains that are overgrown with forest. Hikers and equestrians wander through fields and forests under a blue sky. The image captivates with its own fabulous beauty.   The triptych, which received its name by the first owners, changed its location a couple of times. He entered the Louvre in 1913."