Self portrait, Jacopo Tintoretto, circa 1588

Description of the picture:

Self Portrait – Jacopo Tintoretto. Around 1588. Oil on canvas. 62×52

   The Italian painter of the late Renaissance, Jacopo Tintoretto, was a student of the majestic Titian.

   “Self portrait”, written by a seventy year old artist, produces the deepest memory. The color palette is actually reduced to monochrome, increasing the strength of his mental impact on the viewer.

   From the impenetrable gloom of the conditional background, the face of a languid and exhausted old man framed by a grayish beard emerges. It speaks of the experiences, disappointments, and bitter thoughts of a person who has lived a long life, full of trouble and labor. The artist’s deepest experienced eyes are directed at the viewer, who cannot resist their magnetism and tries to seep into the secret, into the very essence of the hero’s soul."