Picture & quot; Sick & quot ;, Polenov – description

Description of the picture:

Unhealthy – Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov. 1886. Oil on canvas. 100 30 5 x 100 eighty seven cm.

   This picture is something special in the work of the artist, who never again turned to such dark and modern motives in his own painting. The theme of the canvas, which has been written for a long thirteen years, is inspired by a string of losses in the life of the master, from the untimely death of the first baby in the family to the death of her beloved sister.

   That is why the picture is somewhat abstract – there is no exact image of the face of an unhealthy lady, it is buried in darkness, only its martyr expression is distinguishable. This is a collective image of all the unhealthy who are about to leave this world.

   This is a very gloomy canvas, with a predominant black color politra. It depicts a room with an unhealthy lady’s bed, shaded, drowning in darkness. The only ray of light is a table lamp with an inclined lampshade so that the light does not hit the lady’s face. Her light is a ray of life, tearing out separate pieces from the darkness – a bedside table with a glass, books and a glass carafe of water, a part of the bed with the narrow and fragile, white hand of an unhealthy lady lying impotently on it.

   The canvas is riddled with longing and misunderstanding of why and why such a young creature should leave this world so early. It seems that the man sitting by the bed stepped aside to cry alone and pour out his sadness and sadness."